Silver Liquid Metallic Mercury

Mercury Retirement * 34.5kg virgin steel flask * 76 lb. Virgin Steel Flasks * 2204 lb Reusable Steel Containers * Glass & Polyethylene Bottles

Mercury Retirement
* 34.5kg virgin steel flask
* 76 lb. Virgin Steel Flasks
* 2204 lb Reusable Steel Containers
* Glass & Polyethylene Bottles

Product Description

-Cas No.: 7439-97-6 4
– Prime Virgin Silver liquid Mercury = 99.9999% Pure by wt min.
– Free from heavy metals
– Packing iron cylinder ( 34.5)kg net weight
– Physical State: Liquid
– Appearance: silver
– Odor: odorless
– PH: Not available.
– Vapor Pressure: 0.002 mm Hg @ 25C
– Vapor Density: 7.0
– Evaporation Rate: Not available.
– Viscosity: 15.5 mP @ 25 dig C
– Boiling Point: 356.72 dig C
– Freezing/Melting Point:-38.87 dig C
– Decomposition Temperature: Not available.
– Solubility: Insoluble.
– Specific Gravity/Density: 13.59 (water=1)
– Molecular Formula :Hg
– Molecular Weight: 200.59


Product Specification:

Prime Virgin Silver liquid Mercury of 99.99% purity {Free from heavy metals}
– Virgin Mercury purity = 99.99% by wt min.
– Free from heavy metals
– Physical State: Liquid
– Packed in stainless steal flask: 34.5kg per flasks


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Virgin Silver liquid Mercury, Silver liquid mercury for sale has been in high demand since the Industrial Revolution.  In 1799, mercury fulminate was first use as a detonator for explosives. In 1835, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) was first produce. the original synthesis of which rely on mercury as a catalyst leads to Liquid Mercury Dealers  and Silver Mercury Supplier. Buy Silver Liquid Mercury online from Metal Scrap Solution Center, silver liquid mercury price keeps fluctuating.

Virgin liquid mercury have been used by humans for various uses for decades. These uses prompt mining and other ways of making mercury available. Given its long persistence and dangers to health and the environment. it is essential we figure out how to reduce mercury uses and anthropogenic releases. Because mercury is a trans-boundary traveler, coordination and negotiation at the international level are essential.


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Buy Metallic Silver Mercury online. The symbol Hg and the atomic number 80 for Mercury are chemical elements. It was formerly called hydraargyrum (/haɪˈdrɑːrdʒərəm/ hy-DRAR-jər-əm) and was commonly known as fast silver. Mercury, a heavy silver d-block element, is the only liquid metal element in standard temperature and pressure conditions; under these conditions, only bromine halogen liquids but melts with metals like caesium, rubidium and gallium just below room temperature.


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